Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet Rinuszingt, April's YouTube Partner Success Story!

We have loads of partners across Europe that are taking advantage of the YouTube Partner Program, and becoming highly successful on YouTube.  We've asked some of these partners to share their experience on YouTube and within the program, and shed light on how to best utilize the platform.  This month featured partner is Rinuszingt, please read on for their story and best practices!

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name, your channel name? Where are you from, your fanbase?

My name is Rinus Dijkstra, I am a singer from Drachten, in the North of Holland. My channel is called Rinuszingt. Deborah, my girlfriend, is the woman dancing in the latest videos.  First, I was only famous in the region where I live, then the entire Dutch population checked my videos, and now I've made a video with Don Diablo & Diplo, so now I'm famous worldwide.

Please tell us how it all started. How and when did you start creating videos? When did you decide to be active on YouTube and become a partner? What was your first video on YouTube?

It all started two years ago. When my song 'Hey Marlous' was popular on YouTube, I became famous. Maybe it was because of the great styling, maybe because of the beautiful lyrics (hey Marlous, I want to shower with you) or maybe because of my great singing skills, but everybody was talking about the video. Just four months ago, I started the 'Rinuszingt' channel. Since YouTube videos are the most important part of my career, I wanted my own channel.

Please explain your channel. What's the story behind your channel? How did you come up with your channel concept?

The concept is simple: my own official music videos. Not a concept I had to think about for years. Sometimes, the best things in life are simple.

YouTube Partnership:
Please share your experience of being a YouTube partner. How has being a YouTube partner helped/changed your business and personal life? Were there any surprises? What are your plans for the future of your channel and YouTube partnership?

Being a partner made it easier to regulate the videos. It's really important now that everything is OK. My fans are really waiting for the new videos. My career depends on the YouTube videos. And the future? Life is a big surprise to me. Let's make it a YouTube roller coaster.

How do you define success? How did you become successful on YouTube? What were your goals for your channel, and how did you achieve them? What would you recommend to newbie partners to be successful on YouTube?

Success is waking up smiling every day. I have millions of people watching my YouTube videos. And every morning, the viewing numbers increase. So, cheers!
Being successful is only possible when you stay close to yourself. Show who you really are on YouTube.

Creative inspiration:
Please tell us what inspires you. Do you have a particular creative aesthetic? Are there other YouTube channels you watch, creators you admire?

The creativity is all natural to me. Especially, Deborah's creativity is endless. There's nobody like us.

Key Takeaways:
Anything you want the YouTube audience to know about you, your channel, or being a YouTube Partner?

Always be prepared. We might do something unexpected.

Rinuszingt, YouTube Partner, recently watched "Het Vliegerlied (Het is weer een mooie Dag)"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Being a YouTube Creator Just Got Even More Rewarding

[Update: This blog post was updated at 5:20PM on 4/12. Please read more below.]

Everyone has a different reason for being on YouTube. Some people want to be stars, others want to share what they know, and others are in the right place at the right time when something beautiful happens. Creativity is ever present and ever growing on YouTube: with more than 60 hours of content uploaded every minute, creators are constantly uploading fresh, innovative content and building audiences of millions around the world.

Back in January, we shared how we’re helping more creators earn money from their videos.  Today, we’re expanding this more broadly so that if you’re uploading high quality, original content and monetizing it, you’re eligible for the Partner Program. You can learn more in the Help Center.

To further help all Partners in their careers, we’re also increasing the number of initiatives and resources to help all Partners unlock their creativity and skills, build larger audiences, and earn more revenue. You can find all of these initiatives and the latest Partner news at the Creator Hub ( Some of these initiatives are available in certain countries, but rest assured that we’re actively working to make more of them available in your region.

To help you unlock your creativity and further develop your skills:

  • Creator Clubs & Meetups: Sign up for a Creator Club to network and collaborate with other creators in your area; discover a Meetup near you, where you can meet YouTube staff and other creators.
  • YouTube Creator Academy & Next Creator Camps: For more hands-on training, we’ll be offering seats at the YouTube Creator Academy and Next Creator camps.  YouTube Creator Academy will focus on video production training.  Next Creator programmes will offer the chance to meet other creators, and gain skills to be more successful on YouTube.
  • Trainings & Updates: Check out our ever-growing collection of tutorials on the Creator Hub. To ensure you’re always informed of the latest updates and happenings in your region, subscribe to the Creator Blog.  
  • YouTube Editing Tools: Whether you’re looking to improve and increase your production quality, or trying to create easy, fun videos, YouTube has a host of new tools to help new creators easily produce high quality videos. You can find most of them in your Video Manager.

To help you build larger and more engaged audiences:

  • Partner Promotion: Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out Partner Promotion globally.  This means our partners can receive free advertising on the Google Display Network.  
  • Creator Playbook 2: The YouTube Creator Playbook 2 is the latest version of the definitive YouTube audience development guide. Find it at  Translated versions will be available in just a few weeks; please check the Creator Hub.

To help you earn revenue from your videos:

  • TrueView and Other Ad Formats: TrueView is one of many innovative ad formats that can help creators earn more revenue, more deeply engage with their audiences, and provide a better overall experience to viewers. We’ve also improved a host of other monetization features, such as bulk monetization.
  • YouTube Analytics: YouTube Analytics is a powerful tool to help you build larger audiences and make more money. There have been some feature enhancements made so that more creators can take advantage of its reporting power.

[Update] We're excited to provide more creators with the opportunity to become partners and have access to programs and resources to help them be successful on YouTube. These programs will be tailored to partners based on their specific needs. We also recognize that custom thumbnails and banners are sought-after features by many creators. We are working on making these and other features available to more newly-made partners over time, like we have done with long uploads and monetization. 

As always, you can stay on top of all creator-related initiatives and news at We’re excited to see your channels continue to evolve as we bring more resources to more creators on YouTube.

Posted by Sara Mormino, Head of YouTube Content Operations and Next Lab EMEA