Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ride to Success with 63fixedtv, September’s Rising Partner

Since YouTube announced that we were giving more creators the opportunity to become partners, we have seen a flurry of creativity from our new partners. We’ve asked some of you to share your experiences of using our platform, and the resources you use to grow your audience, increase views and take your channel to new heights.

This month, we are looking at Dan Locke from Southampton UK. His channel 63fixedtv is dedicated to his favorite hobby, riding bikes!

“I learnt about fixing bikes, so I wanted to share my information with others. The main purpose of the videos is helping other people.”

Dan has been riding bikes all his life. After watching videos like ‘Macaframa’ he became inspired to ride the same style of bikes as they did in San Francisco, and so in 2008 he took the plunge and finally bought his first ‘Fixed Gear’ bike. But riding bikes was just the beginning. Quickly after learning to ride the bikes, he soon discovered the joy of the maintenance, repairs, and tricks he could apply to his bikes.

The idea for his YouTube channel came up when Dan realised he wanted to share his tricks and expertise on bikes with others. He then started creating a few “How To” videos showing people how to do certain things on their own fixed gear bikes and it escalated from there. The concept for his channel is simple, yet effective, and has drawn a growing number of biking enthusiasts to his channel.

“I post tutorials on maintaining fixed gear bikes. I also film myself and other members of my team when we go on outings with our bikes”. The main purpose of the channel is to provide help to people who are fixing their bikes or want to learn new tricks. They also get sent products to review from companies such as KNOG and Continental Tyres. According to Dan, the secret is teaching people how to fix their bikes, while having a good time. “We have a laugh. it's always good to film us all having a good time, not only for others to watch but for ourselves so we can look back on memories.”

Dan is very keen on posting helpful videos on a regular basis and keep his channel up to date. The YouTube partnership not only helped Dan make the most out of the YouTube experience by optimizing his channel but has also contributed to his making a business out of his hobby. Dan has now his own website, www.63fixed.co.uk, where he sells his own T-shirts and stickers and he is currently working on another feature film that he will be uploading to YouTube soon.

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