Monday, June 24, 2013

Slomo makes everything better

Anyone who’s seen a slow motion video of a dog drinking water, elastic bands breaking a watermelon or footballs in faces knows the age-old proverb: slomo makes everything better. What’s the best way to make slomo better? Let everyone make their own slomo video on YouTube.
To create a slomo video, visit the Enhancements tool or the YouTube Editor and apply it to one of your existing videos. You’ll get a smooth, slomo video that makes it look like it was filmed with a high-speed camera. Here’s a video reduced to 1/8th speed to give you an idea how it looks:


Turn your next video into an epic slomo moment and have a look at the rest of the free Enhancement tools available to help you build a whole channel filled with excellent videos of any speed.

Eron Steger, Software Engineer, recently watched ”The Beards - Got Me a Beard