Monday, November 24, 2014

Want your URL to match your channel?

When Tati joined YouTube, her username was GlamLifeGuru, which made her channel’s URL But as her channel grew, her fans embraced “Tati” as her brand. So her channel web address – which is often the quickest way for her fans to watch more of her content – didn’t match her channel name and branding.

To make sure that creators like Tati and all of you have a consistent place for new and existing fans to find you, we’re introducing an easier way to pick custom URLs that match your channel names and branding.

From this week, if you’re a creator with at least 500 subscribers, you may receive emails and in-product notifications if your updated custom URL is ready to claim. You’ll see several options waiting for you that are based on your channel’s description, Google identity and associated websites. If you want to select your URL, all you have to do is follow these instructions. Once selected, the new URL will automatically direct fans to your channel.

Not yet reached 500 subscribers? Try these tips to help your channel grow. And don’t worry – in the meantime your current URL will continue to connect people to your YouTube channel.

Laura Rapin, Product Specialist, recently watched Lemonade - Alex Boye


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