Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Celebrating 10 years of shared success

Ten years ago, we launched AdSense to help publishers earn money by placing relevant ads on their websites. I can still remember the excitement and anticipation as AdSense went live that first day.
Our small team huddled together in a cramped conference room, and straight away we saw that publishers were as excited about AdSense as we were.

Fast-forward ten years, and AdSense has become a core part of Google’s advertising business. The AdSense community has grown to include over two million publishers, and last year alone, publishers earned over $7 billion from AdSense. AdSense is a community that thrives because of all the content creators we are so fortunate to partner with. Their stories inspire us to do our part to make AdSense great.

On this occasion, it’s especially inspiring to hear the stories of partners who have been with us since the very beginning. Like a retiree in New Zealand who was able to pursue her dream of writing about her garden, a tech support expert in Colorado who can spend more time with his kids and a theme park reviewer who now sends employees around the world to test and review rides -- all thanks to money earned from AdSense.[a]

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we hope you’ll tune into our live Hangout on Air today at 10am PDT (5pm GMT) on the AdSense +page. I look forward to joining several of our partners to share stories from the early days of AdSense, talk about how we’ve all grown since then and discuss the future for publishers and online advertising. And if you want even more 10th anniversary celebrations, just visit our AdSense 10th anniversary page at any time.

Posted by Susan Wojcicki


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