Wednesday, June 5, 2013

YouTube One Channel Launching across All Channels on June 5th

We’ve been excited to see more than 70 million channels around the world opt in to the new YouTube One Channel during the open beta. We have integrated a lot of your feedback, including improving the What to Watch Next module and making it easier for you to create sections from playlists.

Channels that have already made the switch are experiencing several benefits. Their branding shines through in more places because Channel Art is visible on iOS apps, Android apps and TV. These channels are also getting more visits because clicks from the YouTube guide go directly to their channel pages instead of to their activity feeds.

Now that YouTube One Channel is ready for prime time, we’ll be launching across all channels on May 29th. This means that if you have not opted in by 5th of June, your channel will be automatically and permanently moved to the new design. If you’re ready to move to the new design today, opt in here.

Before the deadline, we’ll make sure to share several reminders so that you won’t be caught off guard. We’ve also put together tips and tricks from the Creator Playbook to set up your channel in the new design. It only takes a few minutes to migrate, so start upgrading today!

Allison Bransfield, Product Specialist, recently subscribed to Vice.

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